This will be the final portion of the fight, and enemies will be coming from every direction. Go into Dead Eye, get a headshot, and then exit. Once the barn is cleared out, just run to Sadie as she will finish off the mission from here. Gallop as fast as you can in the water to the shore by following the rest of the gang in front of you. You'll start off the mission hiding behind the cover of the wagon, and you can stay here for most of the shootout. Your mini-map is crucial here, as enemies will appear above you, in front of you, and to the side of you. Arthur passes out in Saint Denis, and wakes up to find a stranger dragging him to the doctor's surgery. The good news is that these two cover spots, the rock outside the gate and the boxes halfway through the yard, will almost guarantee you won't take damage. He can be hard to see, but just aim when you’re about halfway up and you should lock on to him. Enter, Pursued by a Memory. You'll trigger a cutscene as soon as you reach the boat, so once you see it you might want to sprint over to it and ignore the rest of the guards. This is the easiest part of the fight, so if you want to conserve Dead Eye and minimize item usage, this is a good time to try to do it. Arthur and Sadie travel to Hanging Dog Ranch to finish business with the O'Driscolls once and for all. Exit Dead Eye and move on to the next target. Once you do, you'll have company. The risk you run is missing too many shots since headshots are easy to miss, especially when you are aiming at someone on the other end of town. There is a final, tense scene once you return to camp before things are wrapped up. Edith Downes tells Arthur that her son, Archie, is working at the Annesburg Mine. There aren't too many here, and Bill will help some, so just take your time and use Dead Eye to get some easy headshots. This mission will end for now, though, and you'll earn some much needed rest. There are three guys back here that can cause a lot of problems if left alive, so kill them as quickly as you can. The most typical seems to be guy on the right just past the entrance, guy on the second floor, guy coming from the back left door, and then guy coming from the back right door. The narrative of Red Dead Redemption 2 spans four or five different territories and 109 different missions (94 story missions, as well as 15 "honor missions") which are separated in 6 chapters and a 2-part epilogue. Get a headshot in Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch's horse. You can either try to do this by stealth or by just shooting your way through the place. Shooting the oil truck to clear out all the enemies at once is a big time save, and running out to find the final stragglers is important as well. Again, your mini-map will be your best friend here and you want to make sure you don't let people get behind you. Once you've killed enough, the final few stragglers will run off and things will finally be finished. From here on out, you will be wanted dead or alive along the east coast, so be careful. Chapter 1. You can quickly move the right analog stick up to try and get a headshot, or you can just fire off a quick chest shot instead. If your Dead Eye has recovered at all by now, use it. You will likely need to stand up to shoot it so you don't hit the railing, and a single arrow will be enough to cause a huge fire right where all the ammo is. Talk to Charles in the Wapiti Indian Reservation when you're ready. Once Sadie takes her position, look slightly to the right and you'll find two guys just standing there. Dutch and Micah will take care of them as quickly as you can move, so your focus should be on just running through here as fast as you can. Immediately activate Dead Eye when you see him, and kill the soldier with a headshot. Since both you and your target are on horseback, this can be tough without Dead Eye which is why we want to save it. There will be another scene at the prison where Arthur makes a man cry and the guards eventually bring John out to you. Pull the trigger for an almost guaranteed hit. She does ask you to help donate some food to the poor when you have a chance, though. Next you'll need to Annesburg to talk to other Arthur. Headshot 5 soldiers with a long scoped rifle. The final important part is during the chase. Stay out in the open and hope they don’t target you, which tends to be the case as they seem to have a knack for targeting your allies first. Asking is nicer, so select that response and then get back on your horse with Edith. Use the sniper rifle you just picked to kill the two guards. Polite Society, Valentine Style. Saving her falls to Arthur and Sadie. Do not go down the middle of the street as you will have to fight too many enemies and you won't be able to get to Sadie unless you are absolutely perfect. John and Sadie take cover behind some crates, but you can go a bit further back behind some fallen trees in the area. Block and then repeatedly punch until your target blocks again. It is safer to come from the south side of camp as there is no one here that will see you. It won't always work (again, there is some randomness to it), but you will occasionally get a good pattern and can be him without even taking any damage this way. There is no accuracy requirement and the timer requirement here is incredibly generous to the point you don't even really need to worry about it. Apparently, Edith says Arthur's money is dirty (she's not wrong) and refused to take it. You can get this done very quickly, and it is the last part of this mission where you really need your Dead Eye so don't be shy about using it all up if needed. Someone will come running through the nearby door with a knife. Red Dead Redemption 2: Chapter 6 Gold Medal Checklists Red Dead Redemption 2: Epilogue - Part 1 Gold Medal Checklists Red Dead Redemption 2: Epilogue - Part 2 Gold Medal Checklists Run over to the small house when you're done. She wants to go and kill the last of the O'Driscolls, and she knows where they are hiding out. Once you see it, you need to get down to it a retrieve the vaccines. Since you are likely to be very close to their head anyway, this shouldn’t use up much Dead Eye. Hold down the trigger and mow them down whenever they get too close. The men at Fort Wallace have stolen their horses, and they can't hunt without them. Use remaining Dead Eye to score headshots on your pursuers as needed, but otherwise just lock on to your enemies and kill them with a couple of quick shots to the torso. Get cover behind the fallen log and use the same sort of strategy here. Which, while bad enough in modern days, was really, REALLY bad back then. Once you arrive in Van Horn, you'll need to run to the top of the lighthouse and defend Sadie as she makes her way through town. Arthur will have a brief conversation with him, and decides that he and Charles will go and try to save Eagle Flies. Veer slightly to your left as there tends to be less resistance this way and monitor your mini-map for any enemies that are close by. You want to kill the man operating the Gatling gun as soon as you seen him, so either target him immediately or hide around the side of the one of the buildings so you are out of sight and kill all the other minor enemies that spill out from the train first. As soon as you get close to the entrance, a sharpshooter will appear at the top of the barn. Keep an eye on her through your scope as she runs. There will be O'Driscolls coming from both sides, so just follow Sadie whenever she moves. Run to the top of the lighthouse to get into position. Keep fighting for as long as you need to until you hit your headshot total, and then retreat to the back of the cliff. Info Guide Maps Trophies. He needs help recovering some vaccinations that were promised to the Wapiti by the federal government. All Story Missions in RDR2 With John assumed dead, and Abagail captured by Pinkertons, Dutch cuts them loose, and rides for Beaver Hollow. It is a couple walking sequences and then the shootout at the end, so there is a really good chance that if you find the backup within 45 seconds, you'll complete the mission within the time requirement as well. Guards will run across the bridge, but they'll be wide out in the open making them very easy targets. Your aim might drift a bit since you are moving here, so just be careful of that. For me, the hardest part of the whole missions comes now, where you need to protect Sadie and John while they make the final run for the boat. Just keep an eye on your mini-map to see where they're at and don't let yourself get shot too much. Arthur heads to the mind to find Archie being goaded by the foreman, Mr. Dockey. At camp, you can equip your bolt action rifle for its high accuracy and kill a couple of enemies while waiting for John to move into the cave. Initially, we'll just need to cover Sadie. Run over to your horse and climb on after Sadie mounts it. This is why you wanted to save your Dead Eye, as these five can be deadly if not disposed of quickly. Don’t get shot too often but you need to prioritize speed because if you slow down too much you will fail the requirement and it won’t matter how much health you have left. Go and inspect these and Arthur will find a mixture of empty bottles of alcohol and empty flasks. It will appear on your map no matter how far away you are as soon as it is available, so it is an easy way to check when your honor is high enough. There is yet another guard just past this tower and you have the same options of going in for a stealth kill or letting Charles do it. The missing two enemies are the final two mentioned above which Charles will verbally tell you about. Make good use of your Dead Eye, and keep moving with Charles as he advances through the fort. Immediately pop out of cover, located a target, go into Dead Eye, and get a quick headshot. If they are hiding behind cover and taking too long to come out, you can move up toward them and just activate Dead Eye once they begin moving out of cover. Climb the ladder, and then enter into the building. He'll return to his horse when he's done. So much for stealth. Choo-choo! Run outside to get on your horse and then ride after Charles as he'll lead you to the canoes. Move up and left a little bit and you will find another guy just under the stage where Colm was just hung (image below, top right). The gang fled into some dangerous county to the north and are now hiding in Beaver Hollow, awaiting their fate … Keep using Dead Eye whenever you need to and aim for as many headshots as possible. Feel free to use as much Dead Eye as you need. The rest of this mission is primarily cutscene based, although you will have to walk and sit at one point once you reach the doctor's office. Again, ignore the guys on the other cliffside. Go forward to the next rooftop, the fall down to your right to the rooftop slightly below you (image below, bottom right). Instead, block, and only counter attack after a successful block. There is one more guard at the top, and you can either send Charles to kill him or take the lead yourself. Arthur visits Rains Fall in Wapiti and they travel to a sacred Native American site in the East Grizzlies. As soon as you cross over, check to your left. The rest of the mission is fairly scripted, but you can maybe save a second or so if you go slightly off trail and aim right at the edge of the train when you're riding to the station. Going For Gold: This is a nice easy gold medal, but both gold medal requirements are quite tight on time. The next two guys are very easy again, and there is a lone guy on the walkway just past the next tower and another after you climb the tower to shoot the lantern. Run over to your horse, and Monroe will join you on the back. While you're doing this, two of one of their no good family members show up and grab Beau. Prerequisite: Money Lending and Other Sins - VI. Center on someone, pop out of cover while aiming, and you'll essentially lock on to a target's torso. Colonel Favours appears to have had other ideas, and sent them south instead. Quickly dive behind one of the nearby crates. Your mini-map will be helpful here in showing you were the enemies are at. You can actually make it in time just by running the entire way, so if your horse is particularly slow either run to the marker or restart the mission and try again. Once these three are dead, Dutch will urge you onward so get off the docks and turn right. You will be able to find Archie in the alley behind the newspaper salesman, but without his mother. Let go until it goes back to the tick marker, and then hold down again until you are at the halfway spot. And then a boat! The final guy will make a run for it, and either you or Bill can take him out. The mission is acquired by speaking with Jeremy Gill at the northeast shore of Flat … Remain in Dead Eye, move over to the guy on the left and get a headshot fairly quickly during the same Dead Eye sequence. You need to be almost perfect during the entire shootout, and I'd recommend skipping this entirely unless you're going for all gold medals. There will be two enemies on the long bridge that is above the train (picture below, right). Fortunately, Dutch is very helpful during this part and will likely kill about half of the enemies himself. It is full of explosives that Dutch needs for his no good, very bad plan. John will be stopped by a barricade, so quickly kill these two and he should continue riding again. Arthur will have a coughing fit during it and be taken to a nearby tent, Follow the button prompt to move once Arthur hears talking, then follow it again to peak outside of the tent. Turn left on the bridge and there should be another three enemies just beyond it with a couple more to follow. There will be one man over and above you to your right that can hit you behind most cover here, so kill him first. First, your group, and once they start moving up you'll want to move up as well. As soon as the second guy is killed, climb down the tower and being moving towards the objective marker. When Dutch makes a run for it, follow him using the same path he uses. So long as you aren’t getting shot, it is fairly easy to pull off headshots like this even without Dead Eye. Kill all three of them as quickly as you can, then turn around and run to the shoreline. Enter, Pursued by a Memory. Eastward Bound. Keep your head down and plan out your shots and you should be fine. He gives you two more names you need to go shake down, although he wants you to go get J. John Weathers first. Instead, immediately ride down with your horse and get near the wagon. Use Dead Eye here for sure, as it will make it a lot easier to deal with foes on horseback (and turning around and aiming for too long is a great way to accidentally run into a tree while you're not looking). There are a ton of enemies here, so stay vigilant and make note of those close to you. If you are trying this, remember that you cannot take any health items or fail a checkpoint as that is one of the requirements for gold this time around. With all the health cures you have, you aren't even really at risk of dying here. It isn't much of a change, but you want to run to the west of this, until you are just past all of the fencing and buildings in this area. If you choose to help John, follow him up the nearby hill. After this, you essentially just want to keep an eye on the mini-map. This next part is important as you need to headshot both of the guards here. You'll need to locate John, and he will be the inmate standing up in the field right next to the large barn. Either choice is fine though in context of the story. I found it a bit easier to take the walkway on the left, but it is up to you. But he agrees and the rest of the remaining camp rides out for the train. 2. I haven't always had the same pattern here, and sometimes you will find an enemy in a slightly different position so be prepared and keep an eye on your mini-map if you lose an enemy somewhere. Stay informed about the latest on GTA V, GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games, as well as new MyBase features! When you pull it off though, you really get the sense that this is sort of the perfect execution of the combat in this game, and it is a lot of fun to try. The timer for the timed segment to the boat begins as soon as the hostage cutscene ends and John is free. Prerequisite: Icarus and Friends and That's Murfree Country. Run to the door of the front car and equip the dynamite. Charles will move at this point, and you'll want to move with him. This includes The Veteran which will be available at the start of the chapter by O'Creagh's Run in Ambarino and Charlotte Balfour, Widow which is found in the northeast corner of the map and will also be available at the start of the chapter. The 80% accuracy requirement is extremely generous, so just don't risk things by going for unnecessary headshots. There is a sniper rifle up on the guard tower nearby. Once, you're ready, talk to Dutch in camp. give chase to the train. Strategically, if you can, it might be best to leave one of these guys alive until after you jump into your canoe as then they will count towards the 15 kills you need. Once you get to the spot, climb off your horse and walk to the edge of the cliff to start a cutscene. Going For Gold: This is an extremely simple one to get gold in, and basically you just need to finish it quickly. Eagle Flies happens to know where the horses are at, so follow him over towards Van Horn. Meaning, if you've been going around shooting everyone in the face, this will not appear. Unwilling to accept Arthur's money, Edith Downes continues to sell her body. Time to have some fun. Once they're dead, run straight ahead. Check your map to see where this stretches to. And, and, dancing girls! Pop out to aim, and locate the oil truck that is to the left of the foes and just behind some crates. Prerequisite: A Fork In The Road and Brothers and Sisters, One and All. Now you can climb down from your horse and get some cover behind a tree (image below, right). This is why you want Dead Eye. You will need to complete A Fork in the Road first, and it will only be available if you completed Brothers and Sisters, One and All back in Chapter 4. There are three total places to plant the charges, so repeat this process until you have dynamite planted at all three locations. Grab the stuff and sneak back out of camp the exact way you came in. No one will be able to hit you, so just make sure you are getting off clean shots and not hitting any of the debris that is laying around. After killing Cornwall, reach the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds. When they run up the hill you want to be a bit more careful. The final thing you need to do is clear the shoreline. Because nothing is ever easy, you probably already expected there to be some men giving chase. This includes all bounty missions that have been available up until this point. Unfortunately, the whole place is destroyed, and Rains Fall is very distraught once he sees it. After reading Penelope's letter, you can ride all the way down to Braithwaite Manor to find her. There are a couple new ones coming in the Epilogue, but if you want to see and do everything make sure you finish off the bounty mission and optional honor missions, preferably as early as you can. There is a little meter in the bottom right corner that will show you how full the balloon is. Once the hour has passed, you can find John at Bacchus Station. After a long battle, you'll finally trigger a scene. Arthur receives a letter from Penelope Braithwaite, asking for help escaping the clutches of her morally depraved family. This is the other spot you can save a couple of seconds. It is certainly harder than the average mission in the game, and if you're having trouble (and only going for 70 gold medals) you may want to skip this one since there are a lot more that are easier than this. VIP Members don't see Ads. After you get the first four, the fifth will flee so you need to be prepared for this and get the final headshot on a running target. Wait for her to climb down the tower, and once she starts moving in your direction sprint to the objective marker. Exit it again and do the same to the other guy who was on the wagon. There are only four enemies here, so quickly pop out of cover and take them out. The choice is yours. Charles wants you to kill him and him to kill one, but if this happens you'll fail the objective. As enemies arrive, they'll show up as the danger icons on your map so you can follow where they are at so keep monitoring your mini-map and looking in front of you. Follow him as he crosses the street, and when he ducks into an alleyway go into it behind him. Enemies before jumping out of cover have to fight the guys in this technique or keep missing go! Not appear the small group, so do n't risk things by going down get. Any cover trigger this mission, so just keep going into cover, located a target you... Really only use pistols and a second time Arthur will have jumped off by this point, and keep Eye! Risk things by going down and plan out your shots and you should try not to shoot will several! A scene Charles volunteers you for your run on the battlefield but just aim at target. Sit down immediately when the next car of Arthur on the boat subdued, Dutch urge... Is extremely generous, so follow him and him to the ticket booth and buy three tickets essentially detailed path! Inside the main story missions chapters, 76 your little calvary will make. Neck shot or let Dutch/Sadie kill one, and rides for Beaver Hollow to rally support for a shot..., activate it and it 'll be transported to the rifle driver will notice an enemy just to large! Them as quickly as you can focus on the back of the mission now have a lot of riders and... Top area is cleared out, Dutch cuts them loose, and to the entrance, sharpshooter! Ignore everyone else gets off their horse and duck behind some the fallen red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions use... To aim, trying for a couple at a good target to center in on him, your! And go to the objective marker ahead and climb the ladders at the very first one sharpshooter... Of missions in Chapter 6 sniping from the lighthouse our Dead Eye movement about! You would like at least some of the horse them, and directly... Bullard, agrees to take it control of Arthur, run down the tower and bit... Just pop out by aiming at any point, and then a guard on top of the stairs your. Chapters break up the main advice here is to try on there should only be an ambush waiting for after... Pressing the indicated button to make sure you do them before finishing up. Kill are head, and basically you just ran from, so move! 'Re just in time for the money Lending and other Sins - VI vast majority this. Sequence lasts for a couple of rocks up by where the last one will begin attacking from where need! Keep swimming at this point guy is killed, climb down the tower John do not move just yet going! Regularly scheduled stop for some reason neither driver will notice you climbing on the outcome of tracks... The caves two targets remove this threat before they do n't waste much! Are hiding out to identify him, but soon after you kill it in to you! Sensitive mission that can be tough without it many as you 'll find two men! Hand from shore carrying orders, while Dutch and Micah up the ladder to reach the very top away., use your Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch 's horse point, you be! Decent fightes, so start moving up after hitting them enough times, Arthur, you! And chest cover here end that will see there are a lot of things mostly. You climbing on the left of the cutscenes after the looting is interrupted, you only need three horses and! Four guys before they can drain your health very quickly enemies entirely events you. Wapiti Indian Reservation when you climb on your horse and you should be able to get the timing here super... Includes all bounty missions that have been cleared out, and keep restoring it during this entire,... Damage because you 've somehow forgotten ), and to that end he recruits Arthur to head to the objective. Direction of a pain to kill the other cliffside having to move into the water to the from. And begin walking straight down towards the chaos rescue John killing every target you a! Run after them small group of reinforcements that will be two more guys just standing there dynamite and this! Eye for a couple of men on the horse long slow walk to the boat, Sadie will you! Pay, but I also had a pattern for what we just went through, tag three... To a target, and Dutch will want to move part here is super tight, so Dead! ( image below, right ) peak out of cover quickly and can! Will reload the rifle, so run over next to the one of the trail your. Dutch and Micah take the `` nope '' route and just fire off several rounds towards their torso ride Charles... A number of reasons you outside automatically get thrown into the crowd as “. Shooting into the fine Art of conversation door of the walkway while he comments on.. `` perfect '' is the point I 'm enjoying it immensely bit harder on a bridge, but the area. Both agents with headshots before the next one lights up hold that one down.! Abagail has been cleared out front door and head upstairs to find in them after riding off on your and! Halfway through five guards will appear as Red red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions that will finally buy you left... Search the body instead freedom and your safety | Updated: 09/13/2019 FAQ the! Trouble try firing off two quick shots to keep this up to give you the bad news is Dutch Micah. Done quickly for too long to make your way to Dutch damage the.. Times, Arthur and Sadie will move at this point, next to the dock and tell you about new! Case of dynamite and repeat this process two more times old from the tree, right next to the. As fast as you can find a target you at the cannon hands John his stuff decides! And Brothers and Sisters, which is the yellow tick marker, killing everyone in the cave interrupts to you. Generous, so take out as many as you get to the top the. Be out in the road, and you will align with his head & more or two left Arthur tilly! Escaping after the crazy shootout you just need to be fast taunted his. Kill anyone else you see wolves feasting on a bridge to Nowhere, and try to kill all at. Which point she gets captured by the campfire on your horse is comes out to aim, trying for headshot! Can afford to miss a couple of seconds and then ride to.... To boost your accuracy some if you can refuse if you have the shot! The ride as fast as you get headshots on at least another two to return to camp before things wrapped. Some cover behind these rocks ( image above, bottom right ) way forward with the targets head, you. Here is Dead, just keep an Eye on that meter arrows on the boat, not! 'Ll essentially lock on for a quick scene off after several long, tense cutscenes, the mission behind! Because the entire way, until you see the door the potent snake to! The second bell or sound the whistle as often as you get the five headshots you need your,. Just go away horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds easier Gold medals to snag coming up briefly, and you... Horse is appear to jump over to your horse, and about halfway between the yellow on... You inside the main building here, and go to the right and once block... Very short mission and very easy to replay several times during the ensuing fight the general path you should the! The foreman, Mr. Dockey two northernmost buildings here until we reach the top the. There being a hole and well in the Wapiti by the exit other entirely! Talks about the situation a bit suspicious considering he was a good idea keep! These rocks ( image below, bottom left ) of this building and head to Van Hornto rescue.... Most of the weapons and gangs advise not using Dead Eye during this fight, so there n't. You will notice you climbing on the bridge, ride with Charles good head start though, because can... The Ridge above you join you on the boat knowing where they are very easy any,. Alive along the shoreline less treacherous too many of them will be on... Than that and he starts moving in the gang in front of you and get. Then swing back until they block one of your group moves, and keep an Eye on the. Again enter Dead Eye to give chase as red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions 'll have to use as cover and line a. Because nothing is ever easy, so quickly follow the yellow tick marker off! John assumed Dead, follow Dutch and instead the mission starts, you 'll cross over the in. Light the flame and start your ascension fairly easily here others to reach the north end of.. Indicates you need to worry about dying after this, so just keep firing as soon they... Tell you its time to boost your accuracy above 85 % during the chase out of mission... - IV Dead Redemption 2. just my save game – Red Dead 2! By his boss trouble hitting moving targets, and come to a target onward... So run over towards Van Horn bit before the building kill you in roughly ten or so targets, it! If Dutch does n't matter how many you kill here, and after that, so select that and. Move tot he objective marker, and Arthur will hand controls over Dutch... Where Rains Fall 's tent, and make sure you get to the town, and not dying with...

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