Alex Banks, Tags: #acrylic #bending #hardline #petg #tubing #tutorial #watercooling-guide. You need to arouse the tubing first, show it some naughty pictures to make it hard. The end result is a beautiful looking hard tubing liquid cooling loop that is also ready for a future upgrade. Important! If there's one trend that's completely taken off in custom water-cooling in the last few years, it's hardline tubing. Bring out your craftsmanship and make a liquid cooling masterpiece! Posted by 2 years ago. More Information on Shipping. A total of 31 cheap Hard Tubing in the Water-Cooling Systems product range (as of 07.11.2020). Size really doesn't matter from a performance perspective; this again comes down to personal preference. Effective PC cooling is a must, see our page for more information. Thermaltake introduces the V-Tubler PETG solid tubing for custom PC water cooling configurations. There is no denying that both types of tubing have benefits and even downsides. Now we are going to take a look at some of the disadvantages. Performance-PCs offers a large variety of Rigid tubing. However, we are not going to delve into the idea of this type of cooling as we did in our previous article. Tubing with thicker walls, like 13x19mm works. The most popular is 7/16 as it fits over the slightly larger 1/2 barbs to provide a tight fit. The Pacific RL240 D5 Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit provides multiple LCS components for PC enthusiasts to build the ultimate in custom configuration, allowing them to build up aesthetically-superior water cooling systems by incorporating externally-modular upgrades for their chassis. Thermaltake Pacific M240 D5 Res/Pump PETG Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit CL-W216-CU00SW-A. Premium Hard Tube 14mm Water Cooling Kit ปั๊ม Barrow DDC สีเทาไทเทเนียม 2900 บาท เเทงค์ Enginia sx 250 มิล 725 บาท

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