You can make a checklist of all the issues mentioned above and assess your generator. Make it a habit to check the water level in the radiator after a month. We recommend that you follow the above checklist and check for any problems. This issue can happen due to several issues which are mentioned below • The gas runs out • Your generator may get overheated • The fan belt may be a bit loose • The fuel tank vent may be blocked • Air bleed hole in the fuel tank may be blocked • Your generator may have a thermal overload cutout which forces it to shut down after it heats up • It may turn off due to a low oil level. For most of the time, the generator doesn’t vibrate or wobble too much while in use which prevents its parts from loosening by themselves. This is for a Predator 4000 gas engine ignition coil. 2. The generator will start low and later pickup. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Generator Parts & Accessories. It is an alarming situation, and we recommend that you get your generator tested before starting it again. I didn’t find this issue / fix anywhere else on the internet. It has been very humid but that CLINK noise must have something to do with it. Give me instructions on how to fix my generator. Water Levels – Water levels in the radiator can also cause the system to switch off after a few seconds. My generator stopped few minutes it was on i noticed odour from the engine side.Please what might be the problem? It starts normally and works fine but shuts down ; it could be after 30mins, 2hrs, 3hrs or 5hrs. It can be extra load, spark plug, fuel pump, oil level, or any of the above mentioned 14 issues. Clinking sound mostly comes due to a bearing knock or piston hitting a valve. If you don’t know about a certified mechanic, you can find yourself one here: Please note that it is NOT for Predator 3500 Watts Inverter Generator We will be more than happy to help you out. It ran for about an hour then shut off. What is responsible? $19.95 $ 19 95 + $7.49 shipping. V Power Equipment is currently processing and shipping orders ON TIME- however, UPS and USPS have suspended all small package delivery guarantees and will not issue refunds for late deliveries. AU $9.63. These sensors can fail sometimes and cause your generator to behave inappropriately. If everything is working fine, there would be no oil on the air filter. From your question, we understand that your generator is working fine and only makes trouble when you put on the load. No problem, but after about 20 seconds started “surging”. Subsequent starts the unit shut down. Solution: Call the professionals for engine service and fault diagnosis. Advice available from the leader in Portable Generator Parts. Sometimes there are little issues with your machines like a generator, which we ignore. We recommend that you do not call a mechanic until you have checked all the above issues. with the clink noise. 3.9 out of 5 stars 5. Went down your checklist and all seems fine. On a hunch I pulled the plug and I see almost no spark the first pull and then nothing. If the problem persists, we recommend that you call the Firman customer service and get the problem sorted out under the warranty cover. If the spark plug is fouled and out of order, then your generator will make cracking sounds right after starting and shut down in a few seconds. Generally, we are seeing … If your generator is new and in warranty, we recommend that you contact the manufacturers. If you can please specify what problem you are facing, we would be happy to help you out. It can occur due to the following reasons. You probably saved us a couple hundred dollars in the end. It will stop your engine when you turn off the choke. I have oil in the system and my exhaust is vented out. Assembled it, started it, it started on second pull, and ran fine for an hour. Hi my generator starts very well with good supply but when when l turn it off will run for about two minutes. 3. Oil level is fine, filter clean and fuel is fresh. Well, everything seems to be all right with your generator. Suggestions. It cannot be used as a permanent solution to get rid of all the “few seconds’ problems.” Your generator can be having problems due to a blocked fuel pump, engine problems, or air filter issues.

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