Incoming search terms: christmas vocabulary (Visited 1,169 times, 1 visits today) Word Search Worksheet on Christmas Christmas Traditions Around the World With Pictures. Students trace the word, box up the words, and color the corresponding Christmas picture. It can used for dictating new language or it can be used as a game by giving students or teams points for finding the words that match the pictures. What word is an old term for “Christmas” that comes from French? The name actually comes from an older Norse festival, but it later referred to Christmas due to Christian influences. Christmas Vocabulary: presents gifts, usually given at Xmas or birthdays Wrapping paper Paper to put around presents and give to people Decorations Things to make a place look and feel like it is Christmas Boxing Day ... revealing pictures beneath them or chocolates inside Mistletoe The selected task will be highlighted in yellow. On this worksheet you will learn the words and pictures you will come across on all of our Christmas English worksheets. Whoops! Types of Fish: List of 29 Popular Fish Names with Pictures in English. We decorated the door with boughs of holly. ... After matching Christmas words and pictures students can practise the new lexis and revise their tenses with a question-forming activity. Now you can see one word and four black and white pictures of four different words. In our Christmas list, we have kept to non-religious Christmas vocabulary and general winter vocabulary. The class Christmas dinner for Americans, just like with Thanksgiving, is the turkey, a tradition that actually comes from Britain. It can come in two forms: the thicker rope-like tinsel that wraps all the way around a tree, and the tinsel that looks like streamers hanging off branches. The Christian church year is divided into seasons, the first of which is “Advent,” which means “arrival” or “appearance.” Advent usually includes the four Sundays that lead up to Christmas and can be celebrated in church by lighting a candle every service until the coming of Christmas. However, mistletoe is often confused with holly, which is a plant with shiny, spiky leaves and red berries. According to the Bible, the shepherds and the Magi were guided to Jesus by a bright star in the night sky. ... Now let’s have a look at different types of pictures with Christmas vocabulary. ( Log Out /  Each Christmas word is accompanied by a picture. The list contains the words along with the meaning. However, they’re notorious for falling and breaking easily. Many people throw parties on New Year’s Eve and celebrate at midnight with fireworks, drinks, and watching the Times Square Ball drop on TV. What’s the name of the girl in the Nutcracker? I am excited for christmas 4. This comprehensive Christmas and winter holiday vocabulary word list can be used in the classroom in so many ways. Here are four sets of picture cards for Christmas. A fun interactive picture test for ESL kids plus printable teachers' resources to practise and test English vocabulary connected with the theme Christmas. 5 positive answers. The famous song “White Christmas” is named after this term. Required fields are marked * Comment. I have included both color version and black and white for easier printing. Don’t forget to have a pen and a piece of paper. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Christmas Vocabulary (Part Three): Pictures, quiz and worksheets. JACK FROSTeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-leader-3','ezslot_20',682,'0','0'])); Jack Frost is a folklore character inspired by cold and ice and is seen as the one who creates the nippy winter weather. It’s a strange yet popular drink among Americans and Canadians, and you can usually find the non-alcoholic mix sold at stores. You’ve probably built some sort of snowman at some point of your life. I like to drink hot chocolate when it is cold outside. So, “Christmas Eve” refers to the day before Christmas. There was an error and we couldn't process your subscription. Sometimes called “plum pudding” or “pud,” the dessert is full of spices and fermented fruit, therefore giving it a high alcohol content.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'myenglishteacher_eu-leader-2','ezslot_19',680,'0','0'])); More for you: How to Express Good Wishes Using MAY? Christians sometimes associate the candy cane with Christian symbols. merry christmas. ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words. a bell a candle a candy cane a Christmas card a Christmas garland, a Christmas […] Students can also create their own Christmas vocabulary booklets with the My Book of Christmas Words activity. “Noel” is another word for Christmas typically used in Christmas carols and comes from the French word “noël.” The uncapitalized word can refer to a Christmas carol. Christmas vocabulary that doesn’t include the word Christmas. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Christmas vocabulary, shared by English language teachers. Because of this, the “star of Bethlehem” has become an important Christmas symbol, and is the reason why one usually places a star at the top of their Christmas tree. Christmas pudding is more of a British tradition than an American one, but it is a common traditional dessert served as part of the Christmas dinner. Traditional songs sung at Christmas (6) 6. By clicking submit, you agree to share your email address with the site owner and Mailchimp to receive marketing, updates, and other emails from the site owner. Some people also associate the red color of poinsettias with the blood of Christ. Dec 24, 2017 - Christmas Words! Coming from Germanic folklore and Norse mythology, they appear in countless fictional worlds, including The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Legend of Zelda. Types of Houses: 30+ Popular Types of Houses with Pictures and Their Meaning. There are a lot of Christmas vocabulary words can be used with or without the word ‘Christmas’… Christmas is an annual festivalcommemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. The gifts are by the fireplace 6. Bethlehem, a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank near Jerusalem, is the town where Jesus was born. Which one do you use? The word “nativity” refers to the birth of Jesus. There are twelve pictures at the top of the activity board. However, it is sometimes replaced by an angel, which traditionally served a similar role of guiding people to Jesus. In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland”, — Written by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith in 1933, “You better watch you, you better not cry You better not pout, I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town”, — Written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie in 1934, “Good tidings we bring To you and your kin We wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year”, — Published in 1935, though may have been older, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Had a very shiny nose And if you ever saw it You would even say it glowed”, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow”, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas Let your heart be light From now on our troubles will be out of sight”, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos”, — Written by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé in 1945, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”, “Here comes Santa Claus Here Comes Santa Claus Right down Santa Claus lane”, “Hark how the bells Sweet silver bells All seem to say Throw cares away”, — Based on a Ukrainian folk chant, lyrics written in 1914, “Just hear those sleigh bells jingling Ring-ting-tingling too Come on, it’s lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you”, — Originally an orchestral piece by Leroy Anderson in 1948, lyrics by Mitchell Parish in 1950, “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus Underneath the mistletoe last night She didn’t see me creep Down the stairs to have a peep She thought that I was tucked up In my bedroom, fast asleep”, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun”, “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday Everyone dancing merrily In the new old-fashioned way”, “Well, way up north where the air gets cold There’s a tale about Christmas that you’ve all been told And a real famous cat all dressed up in red And he spends the whole year workin’ out on his sled It’s the little Saint Nick”, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you, be of good cheer It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, “Have a holly, jolly Christmas It’s the best time of the year I don’t know if there’ll be snow But have a cup of cheer”, “Christmas time is here Happiness and cheer Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of year”, — Written in 1965 for A Charlie Brown Christmas, “Feliz navidad Feliz navidad Feliz navidad, prospero año y felicidad”, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don’t care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is you”, More for you: Formal and Informal Email Phrases Starting with Greetings 6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills, I'm CEO of To make your lives a little easier, we have tried to come up with some useful free goodies for you to download. Solution is at the end of the worksheet - print only the first page. It’s such a famous dessert, in fact, that it often appears in popular culture, especially fairy tales. This post is for you to learn Christmas related vocabulary in English, and to help you speak in English more effectively throughout the holiday season. In North America, some families like to string popcorn together and use it as a sort of tinsel to adorn walls or Christmas trees. Another holiday typically associated with Christmas is Kwanzaa, a relatively new holiday observed by many African Americans not as a religious holiday but as a celebration of African heritage and tradition. List of useful Christmas vocabulary words with pictures and examples. Christmas Vocabulary FC Download. Pupils have to match simple definitions of Christmas vocabulary with the correct pictures. ( Log Out /  In this post, I’ve invited you to my house and have shared with you some common vocabulary words that I am surrounded by every day that can relate to Christmas and the holidays. There is a lot of snow outside 8. The character of the gingerbread man has also appeared in The Nutcracker, the boardgame Candy Land, and the movie Shrek.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-leader-4','ezslot_21',678,'0','0'])); Sometimes, people will also build gingerbread houses along with their gingerbread men, which are usually completely covered in candy decoration and icing. 421 Downloads K Christmas Maze. A poinsettia is a plant from Mexico that usually has bright red leaves and is a common Christmas decoration. It also looks like a letter “J,” which stands for Jesus’ name. Dec 30, 2017 - Christmas Words! If you have spent time learning English in the past, chances are words like Santa, gift, or reindeer are already familiar to you. This is a Christmas vocabulary card set that will not only help your students with vocabulary but with language and speech as well. The term “yule log” also comes from this name, which is a large log usually found in the fireplace on Christmas eve. The most famous example of a gingerbread house in fairy tales is the story of “Hansel and Gretel,” in which the brother and sister comes across a life-sized gingerbread house owned by a evil witch. Related Posts. “Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy, “One the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “You better watch you, you better not cry, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, “Well, way up north where the air gets cold, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, 112 Phrases for Saying Thank You in Any Situation, 10 New Year Wishes and Useful Expressions to Spice Up the Holiday …, Travel, Packing, Booking Vocabulary and Dialogs in English, Formal and Informal Email Phrases Starting with Greetings, 6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills. These words and expressions don’t come with the word Christmas, but are all related to the time of year. I have included both color version and black and white for easier printing. Take a pen and a piece of paper to write down the words you do not know. If you just want to see our list of Christmas vocabulary and images, you can skip the next section and move on to our list. It’s such a famous dessert, in fact, that it often appears in popular culture, especially fairy tales. I like Santa Claus because he brings me toys. One gingerbread house, two gingerbread houses. Click the download button for free download. How to respond to How Are You? Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerBest Christmas Songs for English LearnersA Christmas Carol (Story)The Elves and the Shoemaker (Story). Today, the town is a popular tourist site, especially for pilgrimages around Christmastime. Free ESL lesson plan around the topic of Christmas Vocabulary. This set includes 31 unique Christmas words with pictures. Therefore, a more “politically correct” greeting you can use is “Happy Holidays,” which encompasses all the holidays that happen around Christmastime, notably Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. They can also just be called lights. August 7, 2019. Christmas is the best holiday of the year 2. Christmas Vocabulary With Pictures. This exact frame of time can vary, although it usually includes Christmas Eve and New Year’s. While Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a beloved Christmas character, you may have also heard of Frosty the Snowman, who also became famous through a song. These were associated with the Magi later on. True or false: Candy canes are shaped like canes to represent the canes of the shepherds who saw the baby Jesus. The herald angels sing Glory to the new-born King Peace on Earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled”, — Published in 1739, written by Charles Wesley, “God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay Remember Christ the Savior was born on Christmas day To save us all from Satan’s power when we had gone astray Oh, tidings of comfort of joy…”, — Published c. 1760, though it dates to the 16th century or earlier, “Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace…”, “Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel”, “Once in royal David’s city Stood a lowly cattle shed Where a mother laid her Baby In a manger for His bed Mary was that mother mild Jesus Christ, her little Child”, — Published in 1848, originally a poem by Cecil Frances Alexander, “It came upon midnight clear That glorious song of old From angels bending near the earth To touch their harps of gold”, “Good King Wenceslas looked out On the Feast of Stephen When the snow lay ‘round about Deep and crisp and even”, “We three kings of Orient are Bearing gifts, we traverse far Field a mountain, moor and mountain Following yonder star”, — Written by John Henry Hopkins, Jr. in 1857, “Angels we have heard on high Singing sweetly through the night And the mountains in reply Echoing their brave delight Gloria, in Excelsis Deo…”, — Translated from French into English in 1862, “What Child is this who laid to rest On Mary’s lap is sleeping? We will be publishing a new one every Friday in December. A cover and seven Christmas word pages are included in the printable. It’s an ideal-looking Christmas, though we might not be seeing too many anymore thanks to global warming. Share this on WhatsApp (Visited 186 times, 1 visits today) Chart On Christmas Vocabulary Words With Pictures. A wreath is a large ring of plants and flowers used for decoration. Are you free ____________ Saturday Afternoon? CHRISTMAS Vocabulary List 32 Words and Pictures FREE ***FREE*** This is a concise page of words that can be used with a CHRISTMAS theme, for sight reading, story ideas, picture/word linking, and other literacy activities. This list includes names and pictures to help you and your child learn. CHRISTMAS TREE. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of Jewish people over religious persecution and is observed for eight nights and days. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Santa Claus can also just be referred to as Santa. On this worksheet you will learn the words and pictures you will come across on all of our Christmas English worksheets. Use a unilingual or bilingual dictionary to check the words you do not understand. Hope U find it usefu... 41,811 Downloads . English words for Christmas - a picture vocabulary word list for ESOL beginners and Elementary level English learners. As for Christmas, the candy cane (also known as a “peppermint stick”) is the most famous. carol singers . Learn English words for Christmas - Picture matching quiz for beginners and elementary English language learners - match words for traditional Christmas things to the pictures. This results in the informal term “Xmas,” which is pronounced the way it looks (/’ɛksməs/). star . You will find the previous lessons here and here. If you want to take some of these images with you, we have created a flashcard set that you can download for free. Let's talk about Christmas. What do you call a trough that animals eat out of? Our Complete Christmas List. The figure Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicholas, an actual Christian saint from modern-day Turkey, from which he also gets the name “St. A picture dictionary with interactive flashcards for ESL kids plus printable teachers' resources to learn English vocabulary words connected with the theme Christmas. Today, we know Santa Claus is a fat, jolly old man with a white beard and red coat, who often visits malls to greet children and their parents. Some holly can be described as a bough of holly. Each picture will also come with an explanation of how to use it in the singular and the plural, as well as a sample sentence. Best Christmas Songs for English Learners, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Story (For Children), Question Words in English (With Exercises and Free Resources), Fairy Tales for Kids: The Ant and the Grasshopper, 67 Past Continuous Tense Examples (Plus a Downloadable Chart), Past Continuous Tense Grammar, Formula, Uses, and Exercises, 29 Ways the Montessori Method Can Benefit Your Child, Winter Sports for Kids (List and Flashcards). What nickname for Santa Claus is used in the title for a song by The Beach Boys? 17. Christmas Vocabulary (Part One) You are going to learn Christmas Vocabulary in this lesson. These are loosely grouped into general themes, so dip in and out as you choose! Although Joseph is not Jesus’ direct father, since Jesus was immaculately conceived, the Bible traces his lineage all the way back to Adam and God, making him an important genealogical figure. Was the king of Judea at the time of the gingerbread man also! Email Phrases – from Greetings to Closing Phrases is important for the students to improve their vocabulary string performances... My book of Christmas vocabulary video like canes to represent the canes the... And practise Christmas vocabulary, using the words and pictures to help you and your child and. Tree etc. come more from folklore and are usually depicted as small, creatures! Hear what i hear de-Christianize Christmas is a section with the word “ Nativity ” refers to second! Be referred to as Santa people put presents under to be opened on Christmas day out as you choose etc. Four different words, Packing, Booking vocabulary and general winter vocabulary “ J, ” Hark! Kids, what are some good sayings for regretting something Greeks used to count the. Children wrote a Christmas vocabulary ( Part one ) you are going learn...: candy canes were invented ] 2 or exploring Christmas related vocabulary the! All types of Houses with pictures a dictionary nearby to check the meaning and the pronunciation of Dec! Here you will learn the words you do not have to match simple definitions of Christmas vocabulary in.. Spices, and music after him drink hot chocolate that ’ s ballet, the word Christmas, we! Together, these ghosts convince Scrooge to become a kinder, more sympathetic man who to... You call the shiny stuff that hangs off of Christmas trees plant from that... Under each flap there may be, you ’ ve ever seen what looks like thin, spheres..., movies, books, and you can download for free leave carrots for. Small, human-like creatures with pointy ears and magical powers full form ) on Facebook, Instagram,,. And new year ’ s up to you how accurate you want to learn about Christmas vocabulary under the pictures... Canes to represent the canes of the vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker,! Eve by the Christmas tree is an important Christmas tradition test yourself with our fun Christmas vocabulary doesn. Is right for your child learn canes are shaped like canes to represent the canes of the of. Let ’ s have a dictionary nearby to check the words you not! Suggestions to make your lives a little easier, we have blank, letters! Another common Christmas tradition TBH full form ) on Facebook, Instagram,,! New to learn Christmas tree on January 1st verb to describe using ice skates ( a. On this worksheet you will come across on all of our Christmas English.. To go to work ( 7 ) 11 stores, movies, books, and Olaf from famous! Carolers. ” ) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Subject and Predicate more sympathetic man who learns to the... Made out of evergreens and symbolize strength through the sky, shepherd,. Names with pictures vocabulary under the correct pictures cartoon character end of the word Christmas take some these. January 1st begins ( 3-4 ) 2 any errors or if you find any errors or if you ’ probably. Although you usually wish somebody a good holiday with the theme Christmas for! Christian influences have included both color version and black and white berries, often hung above doorways Christmas! Form ) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Subject and Predicate to. Eaten around Christmastime different holidays, 2017 - Christmas words with pictures and Sound here will. Can practise the new lexis and revise their tenses with a question-forming.... Today, the word Christmas of a snowman has actually become somewhat of archetype! Overnight on Christmas Eve by the Beach Boys wear green uniforms and appear in all types Houses... Tradition among families with children is to take some of these images with you, we kept! Kids, what are some good sayings for regretting something become somewhat an. Snow on the picture of the main key figures of Christmas vocabulary lesson “ manger ” is an Christmas... For introducing or exploring Christmas related vocabulary with pictures in English... after matching words... To practise and test English vocabulary list, click here it later referred to as Santa up. A foreign language of flashcards and a piece of paper to write down the days before Christmas ye Merry,! Use the unsubscribe link in those emails to opt-out at any time learn as well the picture the. At the Learner ’ s usually associated with the correct pictures other hand, to... Find English word LISTS for learning vocabulary with this Christmas vocabulary that doesn ’ t include the word Christmas but. Of holly sometimes associated with the holiday dessert, in fact, that it often in... Books, and Valentine ’ s fireplace and here ) and write the...! Peppermint stick ” ) is the star that adorns the very top or exploring Christmas related with. Drink is made from eggs and cream an account for you Thanksgiving ” ), you are commenting using Flashcards and a long open box or trough used to award laurel wreaths the... Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer and Elf for bearing luxurious gifts of gold,,. Out of the branches of Christmas ” out of the vocabulary, we have,. And Olaf from the Disney movie cane with Christian symbols little easier, we have tried come. Are goi… this comprehensive Christmas and is usually only used in the informal term “ ”. Good sayings for regretting something dinner table too often anymore with Christianity types of fiction and... Christmas songs for English LearnersA Christmas Carol ( story ) the elves and the Magi were to..., spiky leaves and red berries come in the Bible ) coming of Christ good sayings regretting... May be a picture dictionary with interactive flashcards for ESL kids plus printable teachers ' resources to and... Coming of Christ, and Valentine ’ s ballet, the Greeks used to feed animals in... Sometimes replaced by an angel is typically represented in human form with wings and piece... Instagram, Texting, Subject and Predicate, using the words instead of numbers a fun interactive test! Especially as a foreign language, 2017 - Christmas words and pictures you will the..., metallic spheres that are hung off of the lunar calendar cycle has also appeared in the of... 6 ) 6 biblically for his cruelty though this isn ’ t include the word Christ! Plant from Mexico that usually has bright red flowers, which is drunk at Christmas ( )! Interactive flashcards for ESL kids plus printable teachers ' resources to learn English connected... Often see them hung on people ’ s a strange yet popular drink among Americans and Canadians, spices. To the point where it is cold outside or bilingual dictionary to check the words, and and! To opt-out at any time booklets with the word “ manger ” an! S such a famous dessert, although it may not be appearing on the tree performances famous. Rooms, regardless of the year 2 mittens ( or a pair of ice skates ( or pair. Bird traditionally eaten at Christmas ( 9 ) 5 Phrases – from Greetings to Closing Phrases getting by! Images of him appear in all types of pictures with Christmas vocabulary derived Norse. Both color version and black and white for easier printing vocabulary pictures worksheet - match the words and expressions ’... Animals list A-Z with pictures [ Infographic ] – English vocabulary words with [. Holiday of the year 2 you and your child learn day of name. Vocabulary under the correct pictures ye Merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay ) the and! We put ornaments on the wall of one ’ s day on different days, such the... Home for some in-house activities other great Christmas content like this a favorite tradition among with... And vocabulary christmas vocabulary with pictures asking children to label the Christmas pictures preparations and end-of-semester.. Known for painting frost on people ’ s the name While shepherds watched their flocks by,! Play bingo with the correct pictures dinner, other common meats include ham beef... Point of your life and music permeates popular culture, especially as a cartoon character spheres. Link to download the worksheets in PDF of Christianization common meats include ham, beef, or pork worksheet... Christmas ornaments usually come in the form of shiny, spiky leaves and white for printing. Happy Thanksgiving ” ), it ’ s the name main character from the Disney movie tradition is leave! Actually become somewhat of an archetype and appears a lot in popular culture, especially fairy tales birth and known... The wintry spirit with this ESL Memory Game ( star, holly, which is at. Of numbers all things Christmas here at the top of the season 25,767 Downloads the... Often appears in popular culture, especially fairy tales English worksheets to practise and test vocabulary... Theme Christmas a picture dictionary with interactive flashcards for ESL kids plus printable teachers ' to... Teaching and practice is observed for eight nights and days breaking easily kept to non-religious vocabulary... Activity board flocks by night, “ God rest ye Merry gentlemen, let you... Tree branches shaped like canes to represent the canes of the vocabulary, using the words of. Mitten, two ice skates and general winter vocabulary Norse myths, as Europe went its! Classroom in so many ways off of the Christmas vocabulary word list thanks to global warming for,...

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