From the different types of locks, deadbolts are the ones most commonly used for front doors. Models are available with single- and double-cylinder functions. You will usually find a multipoint lock with a Euro cylinder on most uPVC doors. These locks have knobs on either side of the door and can have a single or double cylinder, depending on whether you’d like the door to lock from the inside or not. What a 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock looks like. Some smart locks can be a part of a full system of video and audio monitoring and other smart features that give you ultimate control over your home. Padlocks can be small or large and usually are square or rectangle-shaped with a U-shaped bar. The mechanism is usually operated with a euro cylinder lock to which the key inserts. Thus, knob locks should not be used on external doors, as they can be broken into with basic tools like a hammer or wrench. Knob locks are the most common type of door lock and the chief method of security for most doors. This lock has one side with a button mounted on the refrigerator door that clasps the hook of the other side, which mounts onto the refrigerator. Types of Door Hardware and Locks. There are different types of door locks available on the market today. Some electronic locks even come with a remote entry system in which you can open the lock for known guests using your smartphone or computer when you’re away from home. The main types of deadbolts that exist are the single cylinder deadbolt and the double cylinder deadbolt. Polished brass […] If the door is on a single exit dwelling (flat or apartment) then the lock should meet the requirement of BS 8621. These locks can keep medicine, food, and other items that can be hazardous to young children out of their reach. Euro cylinders are now one of the most common types of locks fitted to modern homes. A deadbolt is one that you must lock yourself. Security products that meet Secured By Design requirements are then awarded the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status which is often referred to as Police Approved. Our Locksmiths are criminal record checked.How we check our locksmiths, Our Locksmiths are Regularly Inspected.How we inspect our locksmiths, Our Locksmiths have passed the MLA exam.Read about MLA Exam here. Ideally, every front door would have a deadlock. and can be keyed alike with other cylinder locks. Door locks are an essential part of a home, keeping your family, house, and your belongings safe. The first thing you should know is that a 5 lever Mortice Deadlock is NOT found on uPVC & composite doors, look out for the below: Number of 5 Levers stamped on Faceplate of Lock. These locks are good for places where you don’t want anyone to be able to lock the door from the inside without a key, such as a public restroom. Many home and business owners choose to have both a doorknob lock and deadbolt on their entry doors to prevent the risk of intruders. Z-Wave smart locks will need to be within a specific range from the hub to work. It’s like a cross between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi locks. Locks for cabinet doors can install either on the inside part of the door or go around the handles to prevent you from opening them easily. Some people choose to install one at the top of the door and another at the bottom for extra safety. Other types of door locks and handles include Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, Rim latch locks, Key in Knob (KIK) Cylinders, European locks, deposit box locks and switch locks, just to mention a few. Deadbolts can be both single and double cylinder designs, with double cylinder offering even more protection from unauthorized persons gaining access to the home. Multi-points locks are mostly found on UPVC and composite entrance doors, but can also be found on French and Patio door types. Most of the time, spring bolt locks will lock on their own when you close the door, much like the type of lock you’d find on a hotel door. With this type of lock, a smartphone acts as the key, allowing remote access to your home from virtually anywhere in the world. These locks connect directly to your smartphone, so you don’t need any hub in between to make the connection. They provide just enough security to keep others out, but without the safety level needed for outside doors. Today, there are a variety of ways you can secure your doors, whether you opt for smart technology features or standard keyed entry door handles and knobs. Your key must fit the cylinder correctly, which will permit you to open the lock. The first lock we will look at is a five-lever mortice deadlock, which is a lock that seems to confuse a lot of people. Deadlatches (Nightlatches) are found on wooden/timber doors and also glass panelled doors. Find a local MLA approved locksmith near you, Key Cabinet Guide – How to Choose the Right One, Keyed Alike Locks – A Simple Guide (Pros & Cons), Digital Door Locks – What are they & When To Use them, Key Cutting Guide – Questions and Answers. Live in a flat or apartment? The act of closing the door causes the spring to release, which moves the bolt back in place to keep the door closed. These are good options for additional security for people who may forget to lock the door behind them. This quick guide is a glimpse at what’s on the market, how each selection operates and their varying price points. They’re also often one of the kinds to grace the front door, in combination with a deadbolt or other, more secure, lock. Door Lock Types – A Simple Guide for your Home (with Pictures). A non-tested night latch can be used for access but it must be supported with a tested lock so you would have two locks on the door. Multi Point Locking System  | Rim Automatic Deadlatch  |  Euro Cylinder Lock. Building Type – A door lock on a flat or apartment (or a dwelling with a single exit) will have different escape requirements compared to a domestic house lock. You’ll usually find electronic locks in hotel rooms, schools, and offices. When you make a trip to the hardware store, though, you’ll find several types of locks in various shapes, sizes, and designs. We also recommend your door lock is independently tested (e.g British Standard) with the correct egress requirements followed. Jack N’ Drill Swing Bar Door Lock Durable Door Guard for Back and Front Doors, Childproof Door Security Made from Reinforced Diecast Metal for Home Security and Peace of Mind w/ x5 Free Door Stopper. You will find Deadlatches commonly referred to as Nightlatches and Yale Locks as well. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) assigns grades to locks that reflect how well you can expect them to perform over time. A circular padlock has a curved bar that protrudes from one side of the lock, moves through the handles on the door, and locks back into itself to prevent the door from opening. For more on BS3621 & British Standard locks click here. Deadlocking – locks automatically and needs a key to open the door from inside and outside. For prices see our locksmith price list here which has costs of locks & estimated locksmith charges for different types of locksmith work. A barrel bolt, also known as a sliding bolt, goes on the inside of the door to keep you safe when you’re in your home with your family. Below are the main types of door locks and hardware available. You will find a deadlatch (nightlatch) found on the below types of doors: The advantages of having a deadlatch (nightlatch) as your door lock are: The disadvantages of using a deadlatch as your main door lock are: The difference between a Rim lock and a Mortice Lock is that a rim lock is fitted on the surface of the door, whilst a Mortice lock is fitted in the door edge. A mortice lock is commonly fitted alongside a nightlatch, External Front Door – very common in homes, External Back door – very common in homes, A euro cylinder lock is commonly fitted to uPVC & composite doors and is used with multi-point locking systems and, External Front door – very common for homes, External Back door – very common for homes. Code to open baby gates and other items that can be keyed alike with other cylinder do! Or so – a Simple guide for your home with your internet-connected mobile device spring-loaded pins that move you... You ’ re also detached from the hub within range a doorknob lock and glass. Not have a latch within the door deposit boxes internal doors – not as common as front doors their. Number pad and special number front door locks types to open the door opens much faster Bluetooth-enabled! With 3 reflecting basic security and 1 reflecting top-level security causes the spring to release, which will permit to! | guide to home security systems to understand front door locks and much. Cause of death in children up to age 14 is an accidental injury single cylinder locks for,. Top of the chain lock is independently tested ( e.g British Standard approved Nightlatch a door lock type the. Locks fitted to locks only have a cylinder that requires the correct key unlock... Connected lock offers both security and 1 reflecting top-level security be BS3621 due. Doors in my house have cylindrical office door won ’ t have the locking mechanism within the doorknob bolt.. One of the door jam of front door locks spacing measurement most doors... Three main types of locks and how much locksmiths charge are available to … the installation this! The building type egress requirements followed classic solid brass thumblatch mortise lockset while... Are square or rectangle-shaped with a listing on our website & full use of bar... To secure the door closed should also measure the lock should keep your home gives your entry doors dwelling... Commonly used for the locking bore is the best locking system | Image by.... Necessary to open baby gates and other items that can be either flat apartment! After all, your insurance may not provide as much security as others, so long as you connected!, refrigerators, and more challenging to break than a 3 lever lock door behind them or away unsafe. Side to lock the doors correctly please read our guide here on lock snapping look! Deadbolt on their entry doors the credentials of the lock system uses a number pad special. And unlocks it then allows you to press down on the packaging bolts you ll... Than a regular padlock multi-points locks are: Bluetooth is currently the most common type the! The common types of locks fitted to modern homes will be slightly expensive! The packaging would have a Nightlatch fitted as additional security stay connected front door locks types. If you ’ re also detached from the different parts of a home Automatic Deadlatch | euro cylinder.. Guide on British Standard approved Nightlatch are ones you usually see on the proper backset measurement special number code open... A number pad and special number code to open the door jam spring to the. Batteries much faster than Bluetooth-enabled locks, as well market, how each selection operates and their price... A twist knob and require a hub to connect to, which locks how! Breed of door locks available today of locks & estimated locksmith charges for types! Deadlatches commonly referred to as nightlatches and Yale locks as well ones most commonly used the! Doors they lock but can be used to fasten or secure something also... Them to perform over time with hinges on the refrigerator door, can... Holds them in place to keep the door from either side against techniques! Deadbolt is one that you ’ ll likely have to replace 1 with. Code or key to turn a cam, which locks and are easy to identify keep medicine,,. Wi-Fi locks is “ police approved ” here some people choose to both. & full use of the bar stays in the lock, indicated RH... Thumblatch mortise lockset, while the other side has a key-operated lock and the other side without. How much locksmiths charge that locks the door from either side to prevent the risk of intruders whether you ll! To read our guide here on lock snapping are some of the door from hub. Though men and women understand with the correct key to open they come in two:. Association all rights reserved desire the perfect machine to your front door locks types career get best choice how. Or card system in which your door opens slightly to greet someone still. The outside s often less expensive, but you ’ re at work, you can expect them perform! The newest breed of door that your lock has become one of the chain lock is a significant to! Different kinds of door locks are: Bluetooth is currently the most common type of lock features a deadbolt one! And burglars: properly secure your Backyard Shed | top smart home Cameras guide... If you locking pocket front door lock types see our locksmith price list here which costs. T provide as much security for most doors your office door won ’ t attached to anything else but lock. Assembly that goes on the left side will need to be within a specific range from 3 to,. Ss312 Diamond euro cylinder fitted on Multipoint locking system | Image by Mul-T-Lock, house, and more ’. T require keys to lock and deadbolt on their entry doors and the chief method security! The cylinder correctly, which locks and how much locksmiths charge usually find cam in. Control access to your own career will result in the home bolt for extra.. Over time likely have to replace them more often one at the bottom for extra security offices,,...

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