Rich Virus


Q1 :

  1. Survey Market
  2. Build the Business Plan
  3. Build the Website
  4. Create the Tokens in Mainnet
  5. Build the System
  6. Build the Program

Q2 :

  1. Design the website
  2. Test the referral system
  3. Test the tokens in Mainnet
  4. Test the distribution tokens

Q3 :

  1. Upload the website to server
  2. Build the vision to recover from crisis and recession
  3. Create the strategy campaign
  4. Increase the token’s value and profitability

Q4 :

  1. Create social media presence
  2. Campaign initiation
  3. Create the building link
  4. Target our first 10,000 accounts
  5. Create the tokens in Mainnet
  6. Distribution of tokens for the Airdrop
  7. Open the ICO



  1. ICO Run
  2. List on Exchange markets and target the share price of $5
  3. Token Distribution to Bounty program
  4. Worldwide promotions and campaigns to increase the token’s value

Q2 :

  1. Target the share price of $10
  2. Campaigns
  3. Listing on more exchanges
  4. Future Development increase profitability for shareholders

Q3 :

  1. Target the share price of $20 – $30
  2. Campaigns
  3. Building a Crypto Community
  4. Business expansion to enable making money from home

Q4 :

  1. Target the share price of $100
  2. Target a spot in the top 10 coins on Coinmarketcap


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